·That a parrot has feelings of love, hate and jealousy?

· That every parrot needs a natural partner?

· That only 10 out of a hundred parrots learn to talk?

· That most parrots die from the same disease as man? (stress, too much fat and too little exercise)

· That of all species the parrots are most threatened by extinction?

· That many parrots have more than 5 different owners because they can live up to 70 years and longer?

Macaws & Parrots

There is probably no other bird so colourful as the Macaw - these birds are among the most beautiful and largest members of the parrot family. 

Their natural range encompasses a large portion of Central and South America.
Most of the Macaw species tend to be five things, big and loud, and loud and big, and demanding! 

They are smart birds and need lots of attention. 
The Macaws are also vigorous chewers - chewing is the Macaw's favourite hobby.

At this point in time, the only species not endangered in the wild is the Blue and Gold Macaw. Macaws are in trouble for a number of reasons, mostly due to deforestation.

Macaws nest high up in trees, into which they gnaw a nesting hole. With the removal of the trees from the forests, the competition for nesting sites becomes very great, and crowded conditions occur. With many of the high nesting sites gone, some Macaws roost lower, and the babies are then subject to predation by animals which would not normally be able to get to the babies.Many Macaws are on the CITES appendix 1, which means no LEGAL exportation of the bird may occur at all.

At the Park, all our birds in the Flight Aviary are fed a very special diet. This consists of a healthy fruit salad together with seeds and nuts. A special treat is willow branches.