Owls' heads can turn 180 degrees to both sides!

There are over 300 species of owl in the world.

Owls range from 12cm (5 ins) to 84cm (33 ins) tall. 

Owls never need to drink water. 

Most Owls lay 2 - 7 eggs. 

Some species pair for life. 

Owls have exceptionally acute hearing.

Owls are easily recognized; almost everyone in the world knows about Owls. They are considered creatures of mystery or doom or good luck, depending on where you are. Since Owls are night birds, they are difficult to see although their characteristic songs and calls can often be easily heard.

There are over 300 species of owl in the world, including sub-species. Mainly nocturnal, these predators have several adaptations for night hunting. Large round head and forward facing eyes, exceptionally acute hearing and soft feathers that muffle sound for silent flight. They also have powerful sharp talons and beaks for catching their prey which makes them fearsome hunters.

Males and females often have similar markings, though the female can be up to 25% larger than the male. Owls range in size from 12cm (5 inches) to 84cm (33 inches) tall.

Owls feed on a variety of living prey including small mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish depending on the owl species.
Owls generally swallow their food whole, later regurgitating the indigestible parts like fur, feathers and bones in the form of a compact pellet. Owls never need to drink water.

Owls lay their eggs in nests in trees, rock crevices in the ground and even in buildings. Nesting and chick rearing is timed to coincide with the maximum abundance of prey. Most Owls lay 2 - 7 eggs, which usually hatch at 2 day intervals, giving large age differences between chicks in a brood. Often the younger chicks called owlets, will starve if food is scarce due to competition with older chicks. Owls are generally monogamous, neither the male or the female having involvement with another bird during nesting. Many owls stay with the same mate throughout the year, and some species even pair for life.